Frequently asked questions

Here are some question and answers about VCS Parish Church Websites.


The colours in your template don't match our designs. Can you change them?

Yes. We have a few colour schemes available but can usually add another for a modest fee. It is important that the colour scheme contains suitable contrast for WCAG accessibility (that means that people with visual disabilities can make out the writing!) 

The current selection of popular colour schemes are shown here

Can we have a vertical menu down the side? We have loads and loads of of items!

No, we don't have a vertical menu option at present. Quite often we find the reason for having lots of items is that your information is not well structured. We can advise and help make if fit logically.

Of course if you want a new custom design and must have a vertical menu, we can quote for that but it won’t be in the standard system.

How much extra do we pay for SSL secure certificate to give us a https website?

No charge. Unlike many suppliers we believe this is now a prerequisite for web hosting and we have offered it free on all our hosting since 2017.

We don't have a logo or anything so what do we do?

We can help design one for you - please enquire.

We want our own custom design, is that possible but still use all your features?

Yes, we can do that. There will be a design cost and also an additional annual maintenance fee for your own template.

We want to go ahead - what do you need to get started?

See our getting started page here