About Parish Church Websites

VCS Websites have been involved with local churches for many years, running three church websites (two of them redundant) alongside village websites. 

We could see the need for a very simple and inexpensive website offering for smaller churches who struggle with a free a listing on www.achurchnearyou.com, either finding it hard to adequately update or to get results.

Director Hugh Frostick has over 20 years web development experience and has been creating Drupal websites for well over 10 years. Drupal is like a professional version of the Wordpress Web Tool, which many people have heard of, but it is also Open-Source Software that comes free of licensing fees (see Drupal licensing).

Hugh is also a chorister at St George's, Great Bromley, and formerly a campanologist in the tower there. As a local historian he recognises and values the part the Church plays in village life.