Example church sites

We have one church "live" on the Standard Church Package:- St Edmund King & Martyr, Assington at www.assingtonchurch.org.uk

We have a five-church benefice site running on our Standard Benefice Package at www.mozebenefice.org.uk

Other churches who have expressed interest are currently on hold due to Covid-19 uncertainties, which is a shame as a good website would help them to help their church community in these trying times.

We have one redundant church on our Standard Church Package, but cut down in functionality due to it being redundant. See www.stleonard-at-the-hythe.org.uk

There are two sites on the Village version of our Parish Council / Parish Church packages:
www.greatbromley.org.uk (active church)
www.littlebromley.org.uk (redundant church)

Please ask for a demo of the admin system... you won't believe how intuitive it is!